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What is BlinkBoard

Using your breadboard for online coursework
BlinkBoard is a project from the MAKinteract lab in the department of Industrial Design at KAIST.
Motivated by the need of teaching physical computing using online platforms, BlinkBoard allows an instructor to remotely guide students, via blinking LEDs, about how and where to place components and wires on a physical breadboard. It also allows the instructor to see in real time how the students completed a specific wiring exercise, by reading the voltage level at specific locations of the breadboard.
Overview of BlinkBoardApp
The tool is intended to be used in combination with a video-chat platform, so to make possible for an instructor to better guide students remotely during online courses and labs.
This project is currently under development and the platform in under preliminary tests during the ID220 - Interaction Prototyping course taught by prof. Andrea Bianchi in the department of Industrial Design at KAIST.